JLPT Self Study 1.1

… updating the grammar lists for N4 and N5.

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2 Responses to JLPT Self Study 1.1

  1. Chris B says:


    I bought your app “JLPT Self Study”, and like it very much.

    I have one big request, though… In the Grammar section the Japanese text is all hiragana. Can you write it in normal Japanese text as well, i.e. in the usual mixture of kanji, hiragana and katakana? Reading only hiragana is slow and very boring!

    Perhaps you could make it switch between the two, i.e. have the text in normal Japanese, but when you touch it, it changes to all hiragana. That would be perfect.

    Thank you

    Chris B

    • tsukumichi says:

      Thanks Chris for your suggestion and Im sorry I took so long to find the comment and answer.
      I will look into it.


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