JLPT Self Study 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4

Vocabulary wordlists for N3 and N2 has been reviewed.

Make sure to update to latest version, v1.3 to get all corrections. Level N1 review is in progress. [edit: N1 review is completed and will soon be released.]

v1.4 includes layout changes. Most interesting is the dynamic height in the various tables.

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6 Responses to JLPT Self Study 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4

  1. Dunia Zepeda says:

    Good day a few months ago I bought your program to study for the JLPT and Liked a lot, but for speakers of other languages is really bothersome to memorize from japanese to english and then to spanish, is there no posibility of adding an editing tool for the program? only for being able to translate the terms from english to spanish or other Languages, that way it would be a very useful tool for non-english speakers.

    • tsukumichi says:

      Dear Dunia

      We have been restructuring the data files so that adding a second language will be easier. We feel that it can cause too much problems adding a user editable function. It may be something we consider over long time (adding Spanish) but considering there are about 30000+ english entries, it would be a rather big task and we do not speak Spanish fluently unfortunately.

      best regards

  2. Jeff says:

    Maybe you could add a button to report a questionable flashcard to help target your review.

    • tsukumichi says:


      Thanks for your suggestion. Others have also asked for this, but it could create a stream of requests that we currently would not be able to answer. We are continuing the reviews and posting updates as the review is progressing. Version 1.5 is soon to be released with N1 updates

      best regards

  3. Aurelie says:


    I love your app! When will be next update?

    • tsukumichi says:

      Dear Aurelie

      Version 1.5 with N1 updates will come shortly. After there a major update bringing iPad support, layout changes and support for handling known words

      best regards.

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